Simple Life Hacks To Design & Furnish Flats & Apartments

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  In the midst of hustle and bustle of city life, people choose to live in flats or apartments due to the comfy it offers. One of the main advantage of opting it is that individuals don’t have to bother about the construction or maintenance as architects in Kerala completely takes care of the process.

Even though there are diverse ways to customize your living area, people often get confused about choosing the right interior designs due to the lack of space. Interior designers in Kottayam can put forward ways through which they have fulfilled the residents living in Kottayam, Kochi, Trivandrum, Calicut, Palakkad and Thrissur.

We are giving you a bunch of ideas on how to design and modify your interiors yourself and without much investment.

  • Unclutter Your Flat & Apartment

You may want to showcase all the important piece of art you love to display in the living room. It best suits for luxurious flats or apartments, but what if you are living area is small? It looks rather congested, right? So the first thing to do is to unclutter everything and display only the most essential items in a neat and organized manner.

As a result, it will make your room appear bigger and spacious. We have tried this technique in many projects we have executed before and received great applause from our customers for this idealistic step. It is something you can also try out.

  • Keep Analogous Cupboards for Your Interior

Every home out there is focusing on cupboards to display creative pieces. We suggest you not to skip this tip as it is one of the best interior design ideas to decorate. Interior designers in Kottayam recommend you the best customizable cupboard ideas to make your room an alluring one, keeping in mind your requirements and budget.

  • Let Colours Make Your Interiors Incomparab

We have seen many homes painted in a single theme. This trend is out of fashion nowadays and people are falling for walls coated with composite colours. Considering each person are having their own personal choice, it is up to them what tone should be added to their wall. Preferably, light colours help your room look bigger and spacious than dark ones. Architects in Kerala can help pick the right shade according to your taste and will assure it will never put you down.

  • Convert Your Spacious Rooms

In case you own a flat that is equipped with spacious rooms, it would be better to divide them and convert them into smaller space. For example, if you are having a large room, you may convert it into two or three small spaces, depending on your area availability. This will create a feeling in the minds of guests that you are prioritizing more on privacy rather than simply exhibiting the room size.

  • Light Up Your Interiors

Giving the right amount of lighting is one of the most vital factors that can amplify the look of your interiors. Letting in the natural light is the best option you can do, however, most flats and apartments have limited space for natural light to get in. If this is the case in your home too, consider installing artificial lighteners like chandeliers to charm up your room.

Suvarnarekha Design Consultants is one of the top 10 architects in Kerala that has a proven portfolio for over 3 decades and can help with all your interior designing and architectural needs under your budget.

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