Bali – Beyond Beaches

Bali – Beyond Beaches

Bali has much more to offer than stretches of golden beaches…The Balinese are renowned for their highly developed arts ,encompassing traditional and modern dance, including the amazing Kechak ,(or Monkey dance) from the Ramayana where the background score is dramatically provided by a group of male artists, puppetry,highly skilled metal work including silver/gold jewellery,stone carving etc.

Located between Java and Lombok ,this fish shaped island has got a variety of natural landscapes to offer, Indomalayan ecosystems on its eastern side and Australasian on its western side.

A days trip towards the mountains of the north of the Island encompasses a wide array of natural landscapes starting with the beaches in the south ,passing through farmlands and paddy fields, past the famous rice terraces, to the fruit orchards and finally ending up at the majestic Volcano ,Mount Batur, near Kintamani.

Each district specializes in different crafts.Sidewen and Seray for songhet weaves (Gold threaded rich ceremonial fabric )and Ikat,Celuk for silver and gold metal work including the famed filigree work very similar to the designs made in Orissa , Mas for wood carving , Ubud for Batiks and art ,Batubulan for Batiks and stone carvings etc which are used extensively in gardens and landscapes.

The photographs also show the temples of Bali including Pura Tirta Empul built around a holy spring and Ulun Danu in Bedugul rising out of the lake…

The close relationship the Balinese share with nature and their inherent artistic temperament are visible in all walks of life including in the traditional decorations used for wedding houses in different shapes like flag poles and waves.


Author:- Suvarnarekha Design consultants – Architects in Kerala

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