Barefoot farm in Kanthaloor


Is there a greater joy than simply taking a brush and dabbing some paint onto walls??
This was what I did in just half an hour of fun time at my Barefoot farm in Kanthaloor yesterday.
You can say that it was an outburst of the admiration that I have for the artistic efforts of the tribals in Idukki, both in the art as well as the traditional style of mud huts/houses built in areas like Kanthaloor and Marayur in Kerala. I plan to make it a continuing project and I hope that anyone interested in participating in wall art would do so either in person or with ideas.
As the principal architect of Suvarnarekha Design Consultants, a leading Best Architectural Design company in kottayam, our philosophy has always leaned to building greener and by using recycled and re-used material. I would like to bring back to Kanthaloor all the positives of its traditional methods of farming and building.

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