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Women in Design

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As part of the Manifesto and exhibition on Women in Design held at the Goethe Institute at the Max Mueller Bhavan, Mumbai, our work along with 44 other women designers were included in the digitized display.
The exhibition is from 8th January to February 20, 2020
The manifesto was divided into past,present and future .
The projects we submitted spanned 40 years of work.


After compliments,

Thank you for the invitation for the exhibition and wishing you all the success of the same.

I was fortunate to have your service and advice during my small dream project and indeed your magic touch has created a difference and added value . We are always grateful to you .

May god almighty bless you with health and happiness to serve the society further.

40 years of service as a women in design indeed a matter of pride and encouragement to next generation .


Thanks Joby

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