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Elegantly Designed Press Unit at Alappuzha

The latest Press Unit of the Malayala Manorama Co.Ltd. at Alapuzha is in keeping with the company’s commitment to social causes. Following Green building concepts of re-use, recycle, refuse, this elegant building holds pride of place in the company’s present group of units. The planning maximizes efficiency and integrates all the branches that contribute to the speed and quality that is required in the making of a leading newspaper. It also allows for future expansion. The open office concept not only unites the divisions but allows one a view of the breathtaking 12-meter high press itself. The design encourages energy savings 1)by use of natural daylight, including by angling the structural glazing to reduce heat absorption, 2)natural ventilation using special detailing to force outside air in 3) and the judicious use of CFL and LED lamps, to light the building at night, A state of the art sewage treatment plant, reuse the wastewater and the large rainwater collection tanks contribute largely to the buildings requirement of fresh water, reducing its dependence on water from outside. Green materials used in the interior include glass partitions, m.d.f. furniture, in v.o.c paints, aluminum framed doors with plywood panels etc. A unique and elegant exterior with adequate easy to maintain landscape makes this one of the best places to work in.

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