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Delivering Quality Driven Solutions For 3+ Decades  

Suvarnarekha Design Consultancy is one of the best architects in Kerala since 1984. Its key architect and proprietor Ar. Nina Korah Jacob started the firm as a one-woman show. We have a dedicated and intermingled small team consisting of architects, designers and engineers. Even though small in number, wour team believe in delivering the projects with quality, and not quantity members that matter. 


We have been in this field for nearly 4 decades due to the professionalism, dedication and continued passion for putting creative work towards our customers. These have helped us sustain over these many years. We do provide 3 types of design solutions namely,  top architecture, interior design, and landscape design. Upkeeping these traits has given us the boost to emerge within the list of top 10 architects in Kerala. 


Our Core Design Solutions  


Architectural Design 


Our architectural designs are built in a simple, stylish and customizable way that are economical to all sections of the society. We build architectures that heighten the quality of your life and aim to develop with green alternatives to reduce pollution levels.  


Interior Design 


The design we imprint in your interiors by mixing different shades and textures gives it a professional touch. With addon colours and luminescence, we enhance the quality of your living. 


Landscape Design 


We specialize in professional site assessment, devise the master plan and perform the soft and hard landscape detailing, lighting etc to contribute significantly to our well-being and quality of life.  


Professional Service at Your Comfort 


Suvarnarekha Design Consultants is currently the best architects in Kottayam consisting of an enthusiastic team involving architects and interior designers in Kottayam. The commitment the team exhibits during their duty throughout these years has helped us arise as a reputed interior designer in Kottayam.


We consider your personal choices of lifestyle and offer customized solutions so that you can lead a comfortable life. As a popular among the architects in Kerala, we are bound to deeply understand your customer’s lifestyle settings, then outline and implement the most feasible design concepts in your living space and furnish you with a customized feel and look. 


Our Award-Winning Architectural Designs Have Earned Us Various Awards 


We are proud to announce some of the major awards we won: 


  • Recipient of the “Indywood Interiors and Architects Excellence Award Kerala Chapter-2017.”


  • Recipient of the ‘Outstanding lady Entrepreneur’ Award 2003. 


Our Custom Designs For Your Custom Requirements 


We assure you to get a sustainable and responsible design solution. ”Architecture Starts where Engineering Ends”. In Suvarnarekha Design Consultants, our interior designers in Kottayam utilise the most advanced technologies to carve out incredible infrastructures. We strive to fulfil the custom requirements beyond your expectations by all means. 


Suvarnarekha Design Consultants possess a team consisting of young, vibrant and highly qualified professionals who assure our professional relationship never breaks as we understand each project is done with complete zest and passion towards it. Thereby,  it helps us not to miss every design touchpoints that gives clarity. 


Our architects and design team in Kerala have proved their expertise in numerous complex projects. They do have cross exposure varying from product design to large scale construction. So, it ends the ambiguity whether they will be able to deliver you the total design solution. We are proud to be your design partner and the part of your growth story. 

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