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5 Budget-Friendly Tricks By Interior Designers For A Luxurious Interior Feel

budget friendly interior designs

budget friendly interior designs

We all desire to have a unique interior for our home so that our living space looks like a mansion to the spectators. Our budget often comes as the hindrance towards achieving this goal. Are you a kind of person who fits into this category? No worries, you are not alone.  If you are looking for a home with luxurious decoration that goes easy on your budget, interior designers in Kottayam suggests you some life hacks that help you out of the hurdles. 




  • Paint Colour to Choose 


Choosing a paint colour from the lot is one of the hardest choices to make. Picking either a crisp white or high pigment paint in a neutral tone will present a sense of refinement and bring elegance to your interiors. Another ideal trick that works is adding the colour black to the interior doors so that it will create a rich feel to the rooms. Make sure to attach other black shaded accessories to the door for more sophistication.     


  • Pick the Right Pillow Size 


Every one love throw pillows that act as a marvellous accessory to the sofas and cushions. A bunch of small-sized pillows won’t have much impact on giving a luxurious look nowadays. They aren’t too big to be of a beneficial item. So the trick you have to know is to ignore the 12-18 inch pillows you get from the local home store and go for the larger 22-inch pillow covers and pack them with 24-inch inserts. These overstuffed pillows will offer a luxurious touch to your interiors. 


  • Spend Wisely on Windows


There are endless window treatment choices you can opt for. Top Architects in Kerala suggest spending reasonably on the best quality windows. Neglect buying sheer and unlined curtains which are a common sign of poor quality. Instead of wasting your time wandering around a local home store, devote your time on fetching it from a reputed fabric store. Such a wise pick can help give a glamorous look & feel to your interiors without even spending much penny on it. 

  • Lighting has Lightning Effect


Lightning has a luminous impact on the style of your interiors. Don’t forget to toss out accessories like chandeliers, ceiling fans, fancy lights etc and replace them with the lighting that has a glowing effect. To purchase it economically, you needn’t move in-out at high-end lighting stores, instead, try to get it from second-hand stores for a budget-friendly buy without compromising on giving the rich feel & look. 


  • Customize Investment on Furniture 


Furniture is where one of the loftiest spends happen while designing your interiors. It accounts for putting the heaviest investment in a room. Investing in low-quality furniture stuff can cost you not only money but your status too. Shop from second-hand stores, consignment shops and estate sales for standard furniture items of desired quality at a pocket-friendly budget.  


Our Final Words 


You can avail your much-awaited and affordable interior decoration techniques from Suvarnarekhs Design Consultants. We are one of the top 10 architects in Kerala that offers luxurious interior designing services for your new or existing home, keeping in considerations the above tips and you without worrying about your financial conditions. 




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